Lodging health complex in the centre of Poltava, Ukraine

Rest in Poltava. About comfort

As you know, comfort is the ground of success of everything. Poltava hotels and sauna in Poltava are not exceptions. It is naturally, that a man, who wants to have, will choose that hotel of Poltava, which will give more of entertaining service and comfort in the hotel room, than others. The most attractive sauna of Poltava will attract its clients by quality and variety of its service. Now, just try to imagine small and perfectly comfortable hotel of Poltava with perfect reputation. Among other things, this Poltava hotel has the most esthetic sauna with wonderful list of services. As the result – we have excellent health complex. Is it wonderful? Let us speak about the details of everything that can be offered in this Poltava hotel.

There are four cozy separate rooms, calmness, comfort, and relaxing air. Each of the hotel of Poltava rooms has everything needed for good rest – TV-set, refrigerator, conditioner, etc. In addition, there is a separate bathroom unit in each hotel room. Clients of Poltava hotel have access to Wi-Fi Internet. Wonderful privacy is combined with healthy procedures, proposed to all clients of our health complex.

Those, who like rest in Poltava, have great possibility to visit the good sauna in Poltava. The professional bathhouse attendant will offer different services to you: massage by oak and birch bunches, the swimming pool with cool pleasant water, the room for rest, and summer open-air ground with oak furniture, space TV and stationary barbeque for tasty shish kebab. Experienced masseur can make several different kinds of massage, peeling and other pleasant procedures in sauna in Poltava.

The administrator will serve hot herbal tea with doughnuts, real samovar and invite you to cozy tea party. Those clients, who come to us by personal transport, we can offer a service of the guarded parking garage in the Poltava hotel. Professional and responsive workers of our hotel in Poltava are always ready to help you – you can ask any question before or after arrival. Your comfort is the main thing for us! Everyone, who already visited our sauna in Poltava, can confirm this!