Lodging health complex in the centre of Poltava, Ukraine

Health Complex in Poltava

The health complex propose to your service: Russian bath, Finnish sauna, swimming pool, bucket-waterfall, room for rest and summer outdoor ground with comfortable oak furniture and stationary barbecue.

We also offer the full complex of health procedures, served by professional bathhouse attendant: massage with honey or bunch of green birch and oak twigs, cryomassage with herbal ice, heating body with help of bunch of green birch and oak twigs or linen bed sheet and herbal compress. Peelings: salt with mustard, salt with clay, salt with honey.

You can buy in our sauna bunches of green birch or oak twigs and natural aromatic oils. Our administrator can serve the tastiest herbal tea in real samovar and doughnuts with honey. All health procedures can be given after prerecord.