Lodging health complex in the centre of Poltava, Ukraine

Rest in Poltava. About massage

Not many people know that massage is very healthy for body and soul. Even slight massage of a tired muscle or hurt part of a body already gives good feeling. And if the massage procedure is given in Poltava hotel by experienced masseur in right order – such massage is priceless!

What does it mean - "right order"? Everyone, who already visited our health complex of hotel in Poltava, knows – your body should be clean and relaxed for massage. It is not so easy, as can sound. Especially, if your shoulders are deeply tired of everyday stresses, often travels and uncomfortable sitting on one place. That is why it is necessary to visit the sauna in Poltava: to lie on wooden berth in the steam room, heat up your body, rely on the professional bathhouse attendant, who will use real bunch of green birch or oak twigs and cool water splashes to make you relaxed.

Bathhouse in Poltava is the only real way to make you relaxed. After your muscles are soft and relaxed, it is time to start the procedure of massage. We can offer wonderful massage to those, who love rest in Poltava! Massage with aromatic oils, with sweet honey, with bunch of green birch and oak twigs, and even massage with herbal ice. And that is not all service! In thick air of the city your skin loose its softness and attractiveness rather quickly. In this case the first what can be done for your skin safety – good massage, herbal compress, treatment by salts and clay, sweet honey and burning mustard in the Poltava hotel.

After such pleasant treatment, you can take relaxing shower in the hotel of Poltava and enter the cool swimming pool, to put your skin to tonus. To finish such exiting procedure of real massage, you can sit near real samovar, drink herbal tea with doughnuts and feel pleasant soft excitement, which rolls in your body like hot waves. After such active massage procedure, it is recommended to have deep and calm sleep. As massage is rather active rest, you will feel tiredness afterwards.

Just exactly for good sleep, there is a comfort hotel room in our health complex. To fix the massage procedure result, you can stay in the hospitable clean room of Poltava hotel.

Have a good and pleasant rest!