Lodging health complex in the centre of Poltava, Ukraine

About positive emotions

What can be better than the excellent rest in Poltava after difficult workweek? We have stress situation very often and feeling of terrible tiredness is always near. And sometimes it appears, that our trials to go to nature for shish kebab making or to visit our relatives in other cities turn to be even more stressful than workweek events.

Experts of active rest and health can tell with confidence that nothing can do as good for your health as wonderful evening in the health complex. Amazing flow of positive emotions fills clients of our Poltava sauna. The steam room of our sauna in Poltava with high or medium heat gives good rest to your skin, softens it and opens its pores, tired of the city dust. The professional bathhouse attendant of our Poltava sauna will let you fill wonderful pleasure and excitement, beating your body with fragrant bunch of green birch twigs. Experienced masseur will warm up your tired muscles in our sauna in Poltava, and will cover you with aroma oils, salt and honey – after such fantastic massage, your skin will be clean and soft.

Pleasant heat of Poltava sauna after those procedures will be changed by bracing cool water in the swimming pool – your body will receive good tone and you will feel pleasant energy waves in your body by each part of it. The interesting final of wonderful evening in sauna of Poltava brings you pleasant talk and tasty tea drinking: our administrator will bring you the real samovar, doughnuts with jam and herbal tea.

You will have great possibility to forget about any problems and worldly vanity in our heath complex. And, after the traditional tea drinking in sauna in , you can enjoy deep calm sleep in the clean and comfortable room in Poltava hotel. Have you already imagined all these? Well, should be said anything else to prove great role of positive emotions in our health balance.