Lodging health complex in the centre of Poltava, Ukraine

Rules of staying in the lodging health complex "Medeya" in Poltava

Common rules

All rooms in the health complex are the non-smoking zones.
It is forbidden to stay at the territory of the health complex in alcohol or drugs intoxication.
It is forbidden to bring and keep at the territory of the health complex any kinds of weapon, ammunition, high explosive and pyrotechnical or chemical items, thrust or cutting weapon.
It is forbidden to stay at the territory of the health complex without change of shoes.
It is forbidden to speak loudly and aggressively, to shout, to sing, to use offensive language and to break silence and order of the health complex in other way.

Rules of staying in the sauna, swimming pool, at summer open-air ground

The swimming pool depth is 1,90 m. Be maximum careful, staying in the swimming pool.
Take a shower before entering the swimming pool.
It is not recommended to enter the swimming pool after the sauna or bunch massage not washing down sweat in the shower — it is unsanitary.
It is forbidden to bring to the shower or heating zones any glass items.
It is forbidden to enter to stem room with soap and use it.
It is not recommended to walk on tile floor without shoes — this can bring to injuries.
It is strongly forbidden to jump to the swimming pool — this can bring you and surrounding people to injuries.
It is forbidden to throw to the swimming pool sheets, bathhouse hats and other things, or to misuse bathhouse equipment.
At the territory of the summer open-air ground, it is forbidden usage of any audio devices.
It is forbidden to throw any explosive substances to the stationery barbecue or to leave the ground territory using personal exits (except evacuation case or other force-majeure cases).

Spoiling property

In case of spoiling the health complex property one should pay cost of the spoiled property + cost of repairing works right after the spoiling act was noticed. Controversial questions are to solve in fixed order, before administration of the health complex, if needed.
The administration of the health complex «Medeya» has right to decide that all clients of the health complex read given rules of staying at the territory of the health complex. The administration has right to refuse in giving services to those clients who break the given rules. Costs, received from such clients for paying the given services, will not be indemnified.